The first season of The Voice, an American reality talent competition, premiered April 26, 2011 on NBC.

On February 16, 2016, Iyonne Young of Team Adam was announced as the winner of The Voice, with James Stevenson of Team CeeLo as the runner up, Vicki Kelly of Team Blake in third place and, Penny Hill of Team Christina is in Fourth Place.

The Voice

Season 1

Broadcast from:  November 30, 2015 - February 16, 2016
Judges Adam Levine
CeeLo Green
Christina Aguilera
Blake Shelton
Host Carson Daly
Broadcaster NBC
 Ivonne Young
Origin Birmingham, AL
Song "Bridge Over Troubled Water"
Genre Power pop, pop
Runner Up
Vicki Kelly
Next Season 2012 (Spring)


The coaches for this season are Adam LevineCeeLo GreenChristina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton

The advisors for the Battle rounds are Eddie Murphy for Team Adam, Nicole Polizzi for Team CeeLo, Katy Perry for Team Christina, and Ben Alfeck for Team Blake.

Teams Edit

Color key

     Third place
     Fourth place
     Eliminated in the Live shows
     Eliminated in the Battle rounds

Coaches Top 32 artists
Adam Levine
Ivonne Young Dan Douglas LIly-Mai O'Ryan Amiyah Kelly
Amiyah Kelly Youssef Estrada Keanu Patterson Winifred Marks
CeeLo Green
Vicki Kelly Kinga Hicks Nazim Weaver Sonny Woodley
Saul Webber Kabir Young Jareth Sumner Cindy George
Christina Aguilera
Penny Hill Emily-Jane Parks Samiha Tilman Ayub Santiago
Ayub Santiago Ellouise Worthington Dale Pope Aron Rodrigues
Blake Shelton
James Stevenson Alejandro Rasmussen Scarlet Denton Gerald Boyce
Scarlet Denton Bentley Dalby Aqib Cross Taslima Powers

Blind auditionsEdit

The first phase of the competition, Blind Auditions, taped October 19-21, 2014, began airing when the season premiered on November 30, 2015.

Color key
   Coach hit his/her "I WANT YOU" button
     Artist defaulted to this coach's team
     Artist elected to join this coach's team
     Artist eliminated with no coach pressing his or her "I WANT YOU" button

Episode 1 (November 30)Edit

The coaches performed Christina Aguilera's song Ain't No Other Man at the start of the show.

Order Artist Age Hometown Song Coach's and contestant's choices
Adam CeeLo Christina Blake
1 Aron Rodrigues 21 Savannah, Georgia "ZEZE"
2 Alejandro Rasmussen 36 Nashvile, Tennessee "R U Mine?"
3 Ayub Santiago 48 Cameron, Texas "Last Nite"
4 Vicki Kelly 34 Jacksonvile, Alabama "Billie Jean"
5 Kaitlyn Koch 46 Boston, Massachuetts "Reborn"
6 Aqib Cross 37 Henderson, Nevada "Somebody Told Me"
7 Emily-Jane Parks 29 St. Louis, Missouri "No Tears Left To Cry"
8 Kabir Young 24 Cincinnsti, Ohio "Intro"
9 Amiyah Kelly 43 Seattle, Washington
10 Youssef Estrada 34 Glendale, Arizona
11 Gerald Boyce 43 Albuquerque, New Mexico
12 Scarlet Denton 26 Boise, Idaho
13 Jareth Sumner 48 Huntington, New York
14 Ivonne Young 31 Scottsdale, Arizona
15 Penny Hill 21 Fort Wayne, Indiana

Episode 2 (January 1)Edit

Order Artist Age Hometown Song Coach's and contestant's choices
Adam CeeLo Christina Blake
1 Leopold Wolf 28 Houston, Texas
2 LIly-Mai O'Ryan 17 Stockton, California
3 Dan Douglas 43 Minneapolis, Minnesota
4 Samiha Tilman 21 Kansas City, Missouri
5 Saul Webber 30 Oakland, California
6 Cindy George 40 New Orleans, Louisiana
7 Anayah Callahan 27 Honolulu, Hawaii
8 Winifred Marks 26 Nashvile-Davidson, Tennessee
9 Ellouise Worthington 21 Laredo, Texas
10 Keanu Patterson 44 Greensboro, North Carolina
11 Taslima Powers 32 Madison, Winconsin
12 Kinga Hicks 48 Riverside, California
13 Bentley Dalby 22 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
14 Maximillian Whittington 48 Lubbock, Texas
15 Dale Pope 24 Fresno California
16 James Stevenson 39 San Antonio, Texas
17 Sonny Woodley 38 Anchorage, Alaska
18 Nazim Weaver 23 Aurora Colorado

Comeback Stage (January 1)Edit

Order Artist Age Hometown Song Coach's and contestant's choices
Adam CeeLo Christina Blake
1 Ayub Santiago 48 Cameron, Texas Team full
2 Kaitlyn Koch 46 Boston, Massachuetts Team full
3 Gerald Boyce 43 Albuquerque, New Mexico
4 Dan Douglas 43 Minneapolis, Minnesota Team full
5 Keanu Patterson 44 Greensboro, North Carolina

The BattlesEdit

After the Blind Auditions, each coach had eight contestants for the Battle rounds that aired from January 4 to January 19, 2016. Coaches begin narrowing down the playing field by training the contestants with the help of "trusted advisors". Each episode featured four battles consisting of pairings from within each team, and each battle concluding with the respective coach eliminating one of the two contestants; the four winners for each coach advanced to the live shows.

The trusted advisors for these episodes are: Eddie Murphy working with Adam Levine; Ben Alfeck working with Blake Shelton; Nicole Polizzi working with CeeLo Green; and Katy Perry  working with Christina Aguilera.

Color key
       Artist won the Battle and advances to the Live shows
       Artist lost the Battle and was eliminated
Episode Coach Order Winner Song Loser
Episode 3
(Monday January 4, 2016
Christina Aguilera 1 Emily-Jane Parks Aron Rodrigues
Blake Shelton 2 Alejandro Rasmussen Taslima Powers
Adam Levine 3 Dan Douglas Winifred Marks
CeeLo Green 4 Vicki Kelly Cindy George
Episode 4
(Tuesday January 12, 2016)
CeeLo Green 1 Kinga Hicks Jareth Sumner
Blake Shelton 2 Gerald Boyce Aqib Cross
Adam Levine 3 Ivonne Young Keanu Patterson
Christina Aguilera 4 Penny Hill Dale Pope
Episode 5
(Monday January 18, 2016)
Christina Aguilera 1 Samiha Tilman Ellouise Worthington
Blake Shelton 2 James Stevenson Bentley Dalby
Adam Levine 3 LIly-Mai O'Ryan Youssef Estrada
CeeLo Green 4 Nazim Weaver Kabir Young
Episode 6
(Tuesday January 19, 2016)
Adam Levine 1 Amiyah Kelly Maximillian Whittington
Blake Shelton 2 Scarlet Denton Anayah Callahan
Christina Aguilera 3 Ayub Santiago Leopold Wolf
CeeLo Green 4 Sonny Woodley Saul Webber

Live showsEdit

Week 1 (January 25 & 26)Edit

After the Final 16 were decided, with four finalists for each coach, January 25, 2016 saw the launching of the live shows (EDT) with Team Blake and Team Christina performing.

Public voting across multiple platforms (phone, smartphone app, web, and iTunes Store) commenced at this point, with two candidates eliminated from each participating team in the first two live shows. Voting lines were opened immediately after the broadcast of each live show on Tuesday and stayed open until 10 AM EDT the following Monday (January 25 for week 1).

Color key
Artist was saved by the public's vote
       Artist was saved by his/her coach
       Artist was eliminated
Order Coach Artist Song Result
1 Blake Shelton Gerald Boyce Eliminated
2 Christina Aguilera Penny Hill Safe
3 Blake Shelton Scarlet Denton Eliminated
4 Christina Aguilera Emily-Jane Parks Christina's Choice
5 Ayub Santiago Eliminated
6 Blake Shelton Alejandro Rasmussen Blake's Choice
7 James Stevenson Safe
8 Christina Aguilera Samiha Tilman Eliminated
Non-competition performances
Order Performers Song
1 The Voice Coaches "One Dance"
2 Blake and his Team "Wrecking Ball"
3 The Weekend "Starboy"

Week 2 (February 1 & 2)Edit

On June 14, 2011, Team CeeLo and Team Adam performed.

Voting proceeded as before—following the episode's close and continuing until 10 AM EDT June 20.

Results from week seven
  • From Christina's team, the top Public's vote went to Penny Hill. Given the chance to save one additional contestant on her team,Christina chose to save Emily-James Parks. Thus both Ayub Santiago and Samiha Tilman were eliminated
  • From Blake's team, the top Public's vote went to James Stevenson. Blake chose to save Alejandro Rasmussen, eliminating Scarlet Denton and Gerald Boyce
Order Coach Artist Song Result
1 CeeLo Green Vicki Kelly CeeLo's Choice
2 Sonny Woodley Eliminated
3 Adam Levine Ivonne Young Safe
4 CeeLo Green Nazim Weaver Eliminated
5 Adam Levine Amiyah Kelly Eliminated
6 Dan Douglas Adam's Choice
7 CeeLo Green Kinga Hicks Safe
8 Adam Levine LIly-Mai O'Ryan Eliminated
Non-competition performances
Order Performers Song
08.1 CeeLo and his Team "Closer"
08.2 Adam and his Team ft Shawn Mendes "Treat You Better"

Week 3 (February 8 & 9)Edit

Results from week eight
  • From Adam's team, the top Public's vote went to Ivonne Young. Given the chance to save one additional contestant on Adam's team, Adam chose to save Dan Douglas. Accordingly, Amiyah Kelly and Lily-Mai O'Ryan were eliminated.
  • From CeeLo's team, the top Public's vote went to Kinga Hicks. Given the chance to save one additional contestant on CeeLo's team, CeeLo chose to save Vicki Kelly. Sonny Woodley and Nazim Weaver were eliminated.

On February 8, 2016, the final eight performed. Voting proceeded following the episode until 10 AM EDT February 9.

Order Coach Contestant Song Coach points Public points Total points Result
1 CeeLo Green Kinga Hicks 41 50 91 Eliminated
2 Vicki Kelly 50 83 133 Advanced to Finale
3 Adam Levine Dan Douglas 39 39 78 Eliminated
4 Ivonne Young 78 98 176 Advanced To Finale
5 Blake Shelton James Stevenson 80 32 112 Advanced To Finale
6 Alejandro Rasmussen 27 50 77 Eliminated
7 Christina Aguilera Emily-Jane Parks 35 40 89 Eliminated
8 Penny Hill 56 44 100 Advanced to Finale
Non-competition performances
Order Performers Song
1.1 Ariana Grande "Side To Side"
1.2 Christina and her Team "Ain't No Other Man"
2.1 Top 8 "24K Magic"
2.2 Future "Low Life"

Week 4: Finale (February 15 & 16)Edit

On February 15, 2016, the four finalists each performed an original song and a duet with their coach. Voting proceeded immediately following the episode's close until 10 am eastern February 16. Special guest, Katharine McPhee is promoting for her upcoming television series Smash.

Artist Coach Order Original song Order Duet with coach Result[1]
Penny Hill Christina Aguilera 1 6 4th Place
Iyonne Young Adam Levine 2 8 Winner
James Stevenson Blake Shelton 3 5 3rd Place
Vicki Kelly CeeLo Green 4 7 Runner-up
Non-competition performances
Order Performers Song
Finals results

Airing on June 29, after performances and recaps, Daly first declared that the top two were just 2% apart. Then the top two artists were announced: Dia Frampton and Javier Colon. Despite Dia Frampton's original song, "Inventing Shadows", topping the iTunes singles chart, Javier Colon was declared the first season winner of The Voice.

Non-competition performances
Order Performers Song

Elimination chartEdit

Color key
Artist's info

     Team Adam
     Team CeeLo
     Team Christina
     Team Blake

Result details

     Third Place
     Fourth Place
      Artist advanced to the finals
     Artist was saved by his/her coach
     Artist was saved by the public
     Artist received the fewest accumulated total points and was eliminated
     Artist was eliminated
     Artist did not perform on that particular week   

Live show results per week
Artist Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Finale
Ivonne Young Safe Advanced Winner
Vicki Kelly Safe Advanced Runner-up

James Stevenson

Safe Advanced Third Place
Penny Hill Safe Advanced Fourth Place
Alejandro Rasmussen Safe Eliminated Eliminated (week 3)
Dan Douglas Safe Eliminated
Kinga Hicks Safe Eliminated
Emily-Jane Parks Safe Eliminated
LIly-Mai O'Ryan Eliminated Eliminated (week 2)
Nazim Weaver Eliminated
Amiyah Kelly Eliminated
Sonny Woodley Eliminated
Ayub Santiago Eliminated Eliminated (week 1)
Gerald Boyce Eliminated
Samiha Tilman Eliminated
Scarlet Denton Eliminated

Performances by guests/coachesEdit

Episode Show segment Performer(s) Title Hot 100 reaction Hot Digital Songs reaction Performance type
9 Semi-finals Ariana Grande "Side To Side" 7 (debout) 1 (debout) Live performance
Christina and her Team "Ain't No Other Man" 15 (6+) 20 (7+) Live performance
10 Semi-finals Results Future "Low Life" did not chart did not chart Live performance
11 Finals Live performance
Live performance
12 Finals Results Live performance (duet)
Live performance (duet)
Live performance (duet)
Live performance (duet)

The Voice Live on TourEdit

In the final episode, Daly announced a summer concert tour. This tour had six stops across the United States, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, Wallingford and New York. The tour featured the top two finalists from each team, including Javier Colon, Dia Frampton, Vicci Martinez, Beverly McClellan, Xenia, Frenchie Davis, Nakia, and Casey Weston.[2] Out of the six dates, the New York show was a sell-out.[3] However, as overall ticket sales were lackluster, the tour was cancelled in subsequent seasons.[4] In 2014, the tour was resumed from June 21, 2014 to August 2, 2014, including the contestants of the fifth season, the sixth season and the first season contestant Dia Frampton.

Tour datesEdit

Date City Country Venue
July 27, 2011 United States
July 30, 2011
August 2, 2011
August 4, 2011
August 5, 2011
August 6, 2011

Contestant appearances on earlier talent showsEdit

Reception and TV ratingsEdit

The premiere episode, in what was seen as a relative surprise, was the most watched telecast on the night it aired, garnering more viewers than high-profile competitors Dancing with the Stars on ABC (in persons 18 to 49; DWTS had more overall viewers) and Glee on Fox. The series debut garnered 11.775 million viewers from 9 to 11 p.m. It peaked at 10:45 p.m. with 13.398 million viewers (live+SD).[9]

Rolling Stone's Mallika Rao said of the show's premiere episode, "Could this concept be the best Dutch import since tulips and Eddie Van Halen?"[10] Despite a high viewership in its debut, the show has received mixed reviews on Metacritic, which holds at a 58.[11]

No. Episode Original air date Viewers
1 The Blind Auditions Premiere, Part 1 April 26, 2011 11.78[12]
2 The Blind Auditions, Part 2 May 3, 2011 12.58[13]
3 The Battles Premiere, Part 1 May 10, 2011 10.45[14]
4 The Battles Premiere, Part 2 May 17, 2011 10.01[15]
5 The Battles, Part 3 May 24, 2011 8.48[16]
6 The Battles, Part 4 May 31, 2011 14.41[17]
7 Live Quarterfinals, Part 1 June 7, 2011 12.31[18]
8 Live Quarterfinals, Part 2 June 14, 2011 12.33[19]
9 Live Semifinals Performance June 21, 2011 12.05[20]
10 Live Semifinals, Results June 22, 2011 10.01[21]
11 Live Finale Performance June 28, 2011 12.70[22]
12 Live Finale Results June 29, 2011 11.05[23]





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